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Monday, January 13, 2014

In Search of a Simple and Dependable Coffee Maker

As you look at coffee maker machines these days you will see some very high tech models. Before long, some of the latest machines will brew coffee, make breakfast, and give you a kiss "goodbye" in the morning. Yet, this will probably come with a hefty price tag and if you want something that just makes coffee, the Mr. Coffee CG model may be just what you need.

When you need a great little brewing machine that will not break your budget, consider the CG model. You can buy it online for under $20.00 US. It is also available in many department stores, and you might find it in white or black.

The functions are very basic on this machine. It comes with an on/off switch, filter basket, decanter, and that is about it. However, this is pretty much all you need. One thing to remember, this is one of the few machines that does not have the "auto shut off" feature. It will not turn itself off after two hours, so you will need to make sure that it is off each night before going to bed. Many people enjoy this little inconvenience as you will not come back to a cold cup of coffee after a few hours time. This is one of life's little frustrations that are best avoided whenever possible.

The instructions tell you to place a scoop or tablespoon of coffee for each cup you are making. That may be fine if you are making espresso, but you will probably be better off with about two scoops per 12 cup load. If you experiment a bit, you will discover the perfect amount for your tastes.

Many of today's coffee makers have problems with the filters flopping over when they get wet, and this puts grounds in your morning brew. There are two ways to avoid this type of disaster. You might try investing in a permanent filter. You also can simply use two filters at a time. Place one filter in the basket and then the coffee. Next, put the other filter on top (with the ground coffee in between the filters). This seals off the grounds and even if the filters fold up, you will not be drinking any grounds.

Life is very short, and a good cup of coffee can make the journey a little more satisfying. If you want a dependable coffee machine without all the bells and whistles, consider the Mr. Coffee CG Model machine. It is inexpensive and definitely gets the job done. Of course, after a year or so, many of these machines eventually give up the ghost, but since they are so inexpensive it will not be a big deal to replace them. Remember to keep the decanter as a spare before throwing out the old coffee maker.


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