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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fiskars Hatchets Make Chopping and Cutting Easier

Many of you have probably enjoyed Fiskars scissors. These cutting tools are superior to most you will find on the market today (at least at reasonable prices). Yet, you may not be aware that they make other fine cutting tools like axes and hatchets. A while back we bought a 14 inch hatchet and it has been an excellent tool.

The feel and grip of the handle is outstanding. It is made to fit into the hand comfortably and is not like your standard wood handled hatchets. I am very fond of the protective cover that comes with the hatchet. The sharp head fits easily into the head protector and keeps one from getting cut or injured.

The blade is well made and very sharp, and like the other fine Fiskars products it maintains its edge for some time. However, when it starts to get dull you can get an inexpensive axe and knife sharpener made by Fiskars. The sharpener is simple to operate and utilizes a ceramic wheel. There is no more rubbing the head on a stone and hoping that you are at the proper angle for sharpening, as the ceramic wheel keeps the blade at the proper 30 degree angle. This sharpener will put an edge on the hatchet or one of your knives quickly.

My only regret with the sharpener is we have worn it out over the past few years and I wish they made replacement ceramic wheels. However, I cannot find any will have to buy another sharpener. Fortunately they do not cost that much and you can purchase them online or at most home improvement centers. Check online prices first, as you may be surprised how much you can save this way. You also will not have to go out shopping as your purchase is conveniently delivered to your door.

Back to the hatchet. This tool is very well balanced and light enough for most women to wield (Sorry about that guys, but if you buy one you should really be on your best behavior). All kidding aside, it would be an excellent home defense item to consider and you will not need to have any kinds of permits or invest in ammunition.

I particularly like the hole at the end of the handle. It is simple to put in some kind of string or perhaps an old shoe lace. This way, you can easily hang it on a hook for storage.

I try to be as honest as possible and have been thinking hard to find any downsides to this hatchet, but just cannot seem to. Just remember that the blade is very sharp and you will want to keep it away from small hands at all times. I think that you will enjoy this little cutting tool, and you might want to consider adding it to your outdoor cutting implements like shears and loppers.

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