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Friday, April 22, 2011

Checking Out the New Balance MX608V2 for Men

So many people love the New Balance 608 athletic shoes, so why did they change the style? It is supposed to be an improvement or upgrade, but many people are not happy with these New Balance shoes. Here is a look at the V2 and what many people, including myself, are saying.


There are currently 41 reviews about this product at Amazon, and 23 give it 5 stars. The five star ratings are about quality and comfort. However, 12 people give these shoes only one star, and the main reason is quality. They feel that the V2 is nowhere near as good as the previous version of the 608. So what does one believe? Now it is time for one person's opinion.

My husband has worn 608's for about 10 years, and each one has been very durable and comfortable. He gets at least 2 years of wear from them. He also has two pairs of 608 V2 shoes. One is made from brown suede leather and the other is black smooth leather.

It has been several months and the V2 shoes seem to be every bit as good as the previous versions. They are comfortable and do not require any breaking in at all. There are no signs of unusual wear and tear on the uppers or the soles, to date.

Perhaps New Balance has made some quality changes as of late. That might explain the reason for some defective ones and some good ones. Also, I notice that most of the bad reviews are a little older than many of the good ones. As for me, I have to give the 608 V2 five stars, as it appears to be every bit as good as the ones from the past.

If you are not willing to take a chance on the 608 for men, there is another New Balance shoe that is inexpensive and getting very good reviews. It is called the New Balance MW410 Health Walking Shoe. This shoe is getting excellent reviews online from customers. Also the MX620 is also receiving very good reviews.


The jury is out with the New Balance 608 shoes for men that are the new V2 style. My husband has noticed no difference in the quality and durability of these shoes. However, a few customers are complaining about the feel and the quality. The 5 star reviews are coming in at twice the rate of the lower star reviews, so perhaps New Balance has made some recent changes. If you want to be sure, you might try the new Balance 620 or the 410 shoes. They seem to be very well liked. For more information on athletic shoes, you can go to

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