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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

GE 1.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave

Just recently our old GE 1.1 cubic foot countertop microwave bit the dust. However, we were not that disappointed, because it had served us tirelessly for about 8 years. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that GE still makes this model (although there have been a few changes). This was pretty much a "no brainer" when it came to seeking a viable replacement.

There are several good things one can say about this updated version of the 1.1 cubic foot microwave from GE. It still has an impressive 1100 watts of power, and some nice changes. For instance, the glass turn table runs much smoother and quieter than the older model. There seems to be less vibration and less noise while running. I think this might be due to the roller assembly beneath the turntable.

The new roller housing is much larger diameter than the old one. This adds some stability to the turntable as it revolves. That can make a big difference if you are placing something large in the oven. 1.1 cubic feet is plenty large enough for the needs of most families, unless you plan to cook a large meal all at once or bake a 20 pound turkey in this unit (and who does that nowadays?).

The stainless steel is easier to clean than white older models. It is pretty much neutral and will match most kitchens. You will need some sufficient space for this oven, so if you want something tiny to easily fit on your counters, this may not be the oven for you. The oven is about 14 inches wide and nearly 9 inches high, and a little over 13 inches deep.

For an inexpensive model it has some great features. You get plenty of power and instant cook options.  Cooking rice with one of those microwave rice cookers, is no problem. Defrosting is simple and you can lock out little hands that are interested in cooking things that should not be placed anywhere near a microwave, (like small pets, whole eggs, and various types of toys). So far, it has performed flawlessly, and it is an impressive addition to the kitchen.

On the downside, some may find the controls a bit intimidating. Yet, if you go over the instructions you should have few problems. If you want something extremely simple and easy to use, you might want to go for an oven a little more "bare bones" to make life easier.

You will find cheaper microwave ovens but few will have the size and power of the GE. At around $130 to $140 (currently) you get sufficient bang for your buck (in my opinion). You can find this oven locally at some home improvement centers. However, you may need to order it online, and this may be the easiest method as free shipping may be a real possibility.

Before you buy a microwave, it is a good idea to measure the counter space you have. This will insure that your oven fits properly. I am expecting the GE 1.1 cubic foot microwave to give us a lot of years of dependable service.

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