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Friday, April 1, 2011

First Alert Model SA9120BCN Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

First Alert model SA9120BCN Smoke Alarm with battery backup, is a very good idea for hardwired smoke detectors. Normally a smoke detector that is wired into your house current, will work well, and there is no need to change batteries all the time. Yet, if you have an electrical fire, you may find yourself without any fire protection. This can be a serious safety issue.

Enter the First Alert SA9120BCN. It wires into your house current to replace your existing hardwired smoke detector unit. However, this model has a battery for backup, in case the power is off. In case of electrical fires, you are covered. In essence, this is a very good idea. However, I have read several reviews at Amazon that are very disturbing about this particular model.

The SA9120BCN has a powerful alarm and is suppose to have special technology to eliminate false alarms. However, this does not seem to work well. Time after time, I have seen reviews that give this unit one star out of five. The reason for the low review is the frequent beeping of false alarms, after installation.

Presently at Amazon there are 17 reviews on this product. Five people give this product a five star review and four people rate it at four stars. This is very good. However, there are seven one star reviews and one two star review, and all of them mention the constant false alarms. This is the kind of beeping that can drive a person to rip it off the wall.

I have used the First Alert battery powered models for a long time with no problem whatsoever. It may be a good idea to stay with battery power. However, I am currently researching other brands of battery backup units, and I will be publishing reviews at this website, soon. In fact, they may already be available.

Features of the SA9120BCN

·       110-120 volt power

·       Technology for false alarm prevention

·       Alarm indicator tells you which unit is triggering the alarm

·       10 year warranty

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