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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Victorio VKP1013 Round Three-Tray Kitchen Seed Sprouter

With the Victorio VKP1013 Round Three-Tray Kitchen Seed Sprouter, many people are finding a lot of benefits in growing their own sprouts. The health benefits of sprouts cannot be denied, yet fresh sprouts can sometimes be expensive. Also, one must be careful, as it is possible for things like salmonella to grow in fresh sprouts. Here are some of the benefits of this versatile and inexpensive home sprouter. 


You get three trays for sprout seeds, one reservoir, and a water collection tray. Each tray is 6 inches (15 cm) by one and three quarters inches (4.4 cm).
The trays are reusable, and you can place them in the dishwasher for cleaning. The three separate trays allow you to grow three different kinds of sprouts at one time. It has a one year warranty and it comes with a packet of organic alfalfa seeds.

Using the Sprouter

This device is very easy to use. Every tray except one has a hole in it for drainage. The one without the hole is for water collection, that goes on the bottom. The water collection tray and the water reservoir tray are white. The seed trays are clear.

Place about a tablespoon or so of seeds in each seed tray. The instructions say two tablespoons, but that may be a bit too much. I find that one and a half tablespoons of mung bean or broccoli sprouts in just about right.  For those using metric measurements, a tablespoon is about 15 cc.

Next, place the reservoir on top of the seed trays and fill it with water. The water will slowly trickle all the way down to the bottom. This saturates the trays and allows for the seeds to start growing.

Make sure that you dump and replace the water, every twelve hours or so. I live in a tropical climate, so mold and mildew is a problem. After about two hours, I remove the water reservoir and water holding trays. I dump them and set them in the dish drainer to dry out. This keeps them from staying wet all the time.

How it Works

It has been several months since purchasing the item at Amazon. It was inexpensive at less than fourteen dollars (US). Shipping was free, because I ordered seeds to make the amount over twenty five dollars (US). The seeds were also very reasonable at Amazon, and they work very well. I have only had one crop mold, and I think that was due to too many seeds in one tray. However, the plastic lid for the top is not well made and split after a few weeks. I use another plastic lid from a coffee can, and it seems to work well. So there are very few complaints, and I am enjoying fresh sprouts almost every day from the Victorio VKP1013 Round Three-Tray Kitchen Seed Sprouter.

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  1. Thanks for posting a review on this sprouter. I have been wondering how it works.