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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Simple and Effective Oral Irrigator

A Simple and Effective Oral Irrigator

Are you searching for an effective oral irrigator? I have been a fan of the Water Pik for many years. However, the last one I had leaked a lot. It lasted for a few years, and recently finally gave up the ghost. The one before that lasted much longer.

I decided to check out something that has no moving parts. It is called the Quick Breeze. The unit is very simple in nature and design. You simply hook it to your bathroom faucet. The water pressure gives more than enough pressure to clean the teeth.

It comes with an adapter that is similar to a portable dishwasher. You place it on your faucet. The unit fits into the adapter. Push down on the outer part, and the inner part snaps in place. When done, simply push down and disconnect. This is a simple and very effective connecting and disconnecting design.

I bought one of these for 24.95 with $5.95 shipping. It took me about 30 seconds to install the adapter. It comes with other adapters. I did not need one for my faucet. I have an inexpensive two handle unit from a local home improvement store. One of the adapter fittings should fit your faucet. If not, you can get one at any hardware store.

It is easy to store the irrigator when not in use. The adapter stays on the faucet. I like it better than the original aerator. The water comes out with more force. The company also makes a model that stays on your faucet. It comes with a rack to store the hose on. To use, you flip a handle on the side. I chose the other model, so it would be out of the way. It is simply a matter of personal preference. It is also much quieter than electric models.

These things do not use any electricity and are very simple and effective. I am very happy with this unit. I think most people will get a great deal of use. It comes with two tips and a holder. You also have the option to buy more tips, if you need them. This can lead to improved dental health.

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