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Friday, July 16, 2010

DVD Movie Review: Barfly 1987

The movie "Barlfy" is considered a classic by many people. There appears to be two major opinions about this movie. You either love it or you hate it. I am very fond of it and here is why.

The movie takes place in any inner city. Pick a run down part of town with little hope and a flood of self disrespect. Add liquor or anything that will help the tired soles forget about their personal tragedies and failures.

Enter Henry Chinaski. He admits that he is a drunk. And he has no intentions of doing anything else. He spends his time writing with pencil and paper. When he has enough money, he drinks. When he wakes up from a night of drinking, he is home.

Home is a rat hole of an apartment. He has very little except a radio for possessions. This does not bother him, as he tries to stay drunk all of the time.

One day Henry finds love. At least it is as close as he expects to get. Wanda is an aging beauty that is losing her battle to the ravages of time and alcohol. When they meet in a bar, Henry asks her what she does. She replies that she drinks.

Henry does have the chance for fame and fortune. A lovely magazine editor takes him in. She wants him to stay and write. However, he does not want any gilded cages in his life. So he leaves.

There are no fantastic adventures in this movie. There are no chase scenes or magic moments. There is nothing but stark reality. There are several good fight scenes as Henry loves to fight. His arch nemesis is a bartender named Eddy. They hate each other and get into some very good spats.

The scenes move very well. Mickey Rourke gives and unforgettable performance as Henry Chinaski. Faye Dunaway is fabulous as Wanda.

I want to tell you so many great things about this movie, but it is much better if you experience them for yourself. You will probably love this movie...or hate it.

I checked prices at Amazon and it can be very expensive. Here is what you can do. The cheaper version is only $18.00. But many people claim that they cannot watch it on their DVD players. Make sure that your player will play PAL DVDs. This is the secret. If not, there are some inexpensive players that you can buy. One is about forty dollars. These players are designed to play these videos in the United States.

I am placing product links to the movie and the DVD players. There are other DVD movies available but they are in excess of $100.

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