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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wind 'N Go Portable Lantern/Radio Offers Portable Power Solutions

Maybe you are thinking about going camping and want to take along portable light. You could bring some flashlights or you could include a lantern that will give you a great deal of light when you need it. The Wind 'N Go Portable Lantern/Radio is great for camping and also a good source of emergency lighting. For a reasonable price it comes with many convenient features.


  §   Three different light settings, low, high, and an emergency flasher with blinking red lights.

  §   Nightlight that uses very little energy

  §   Built in am-fm radio with a pull out antenna

  §   Alarm (siren) that is 120 decibels loud

  §   Compass

  §   Hanger

  §   Mp3 player input

  §   Nokia cell phone charger

Power Source
You have three options for power with this unit. The first uses no electricity as you simply crank the handle to charge its Ni-MH batteries. A three minute cranking can give you over an hour of power. You also can attach it to your 12 volt DC auto power socket and charge it up. This will give you up to 15 hours of power.

The lantern is very easy to carry around as it weighs less than two pounds. It does not take up a lot of space and easily fits on a shelf for emergency power.

Personal Experience

We have owned one of these lanterns for a few years now and it has performed flawlessly. The light is more than sufficient for emergency lighting (which is the reason that we bought it). The radio works fine and the loop handle at the top makes it very easy to carry around. Our lantern stays on a night table and has been used several times when the lights went out.

This lantern is inexpensive and would make an excellent gift for the person that is hard to buy for. After all, who can't use additional emergency lighting supplies? Plus, if you know someone that is an avid camper, this would be an appreciated gift.
Place in a child's rooms to make him or her feel more secure or leave it in a vehicle trunk for emergency use. However, if you need more concentrated light for things like vehicle repairs and tire changing, make sure you also have a good flashlight with you, and that takes us to the next review.

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