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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Checking out the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible Flashlight

You may have noticed that cheap flashlights do not cost a lot of money but that is about the only good thing one can say about them. If you are tired of dealing with these contraptions, it may be time to spend a little more money and get something descent. That is why we bought a Rayovac Virtually Indestructible flashlight.
The Trouble with Cheapies

Maybe this has happened to you. Your flashlight has set on the shelf for weeks and no one has used it. However, just when you need it, it glows bright for about 20 seconds, the light turns yellow, and poof, the batteries are dead. It seems like just sitting on a shelf is enough to drain the batteries and that is very frustrating as they are not giving away batteries at the stores these days (at least not in my neighborhood.
Perhaps this has occurred in your life. You are using your flashlight and accidentally drop it, and the light goes out. That is it, the light is dead and you might as well throw in the trash can.

I have also experienced the "connection problem". After a little wear and tear (and it does not take much). The light blinks on and off while you are using it. You try stretching out the spring in the back or even placing some aluminum foil in it and it works (for maybe a week or two). Finally you get tired of messing with it and throw it away.
If you are tired of this, you might want to spend less than thirty dollars and get something like the Rayovac Indestructible. We have tried several Mag Lites and although they worked fine for a while, in time the batteries drained  out and they quit working. It has been about six months now and the Rayovac is still going strong. Here are some of its excellent features:

  §   LED light that saves on your batteries

  §   Very bright and intense light (high mode is 100 lumens and low mode is 18)

  §   In high mode is will cast a strong beam of light 149 meters (nearly 500 feet)

  §   Tested to be strong and durable (they test drop them from 20 feet)

Personal Experience
This light works very well and at night it pretty much lights up the yard when you unleash its power. The beam is very concentrated but I have not figured out a way to adjust it. That is the only drawback but that is minor considering all the power it has.

I like the fact it is LED and also has a low light mode to save energy. I hate buying something, getting home and them forgetting to buy batteries.  This flashlight takes two "D" batteries and even comes with batteries already installed. Plus, the original batteries are still working fine.  
Another thing I like about this flashlight is the collar shaped like a hexagon. This keeps the light from rolling off the table when you are using it. It is made from strong aluminum and has a rubber coating to make it easy on the hands. For a basic flashlight that uses batteries, this is the best one I have owned so far.

The model DIY2D-B is the "D" battery type but you can also get a flashlight in two slightly smaller models. The DIY2AA-B takes 2 double A batteries, while the DIY3-AAA-B takes three triple A batteries.

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