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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Dell Inspiron 3000 Series Desktop Computer Looks Like a Winner

With many people in search of new computers these days, the Dell Inspiron 3000 desktop models offer a lot for your money. These PCs come with some excellent features that most people will appreciate. In fact, this model may be one of the best buys out there today.

The first thing you will notice with the Dell Inspiron 3000 Desktop is the size. If you have an older model Dell like us, you will see a huge difference. This can help you save space on your desk or workstation. The new 3000 is simple to set up and start using. Follow the instructions and it should not take you much time at all to be in business.

If price is important to you (and that includes most of us) you can get this model for less than $400 online. Our model is basic and comes with a 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB of RAM, and a 3 GHz processor. This is more than ample power for the average PC user. However, you can spend a little more if you want more hard drive storage, faster processor, and an older Windows operating system.

Our Dell came with Windows 8.1 and yes we decided to bite the bullet and just dive in. There has been a lot of bad press on Windows 8 lately, but in truth, it does not seem to be that much trouble. The main problem is the inability to use our Lexmark 1270 all in one unit, as the Widows 7 driver will simply not work, and we have tried all of the online options.

You can still buy this model with Windows 7 but you will pay as much as $100 more. It is all about supply and demand and many people are not sold on Windows 8 yet. The basic 3000 does not come with a monitor but our ten year old monitor worked fine with no problems.

Be prepared for some changes if you have not bought a PC for some time. For instance, you will not receive an internal modem. Yet, external phone modems can easily be purchase online and they only require a USB port connection. The DVD rewritable drive in this model is "up and down" instead of flat, and that might take a little time to adjust. Our model came with 6 USB ports and two of them are the faster 3.0 type.

A word of advice; before you make the changeover make sure you have a good external hard drive. This makes data transfer simple and easy. However, it could take several hours to transfer all of your data, especially if you have a lot of video files on your PC.

All in all, the Dell 3000 has been a positive experience, even with the new operating system. We look forward to many years of service, as our last Dell lasted ten years. The only reason we went to a new PC is due to the demise of Windows XP and this unit could not handle a Windows 7 upgrade. Also, installing a Linux system was not a good option because of the lack of driver software available.

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